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Sharp pain pinching in breast

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There are more serious causes of nipple pain, such as infections and cancer , so seeing a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment is important. As a symptom, nipple pain differs from person to person. Some may feel their nipples are sore and tender, while others feel sharp pain or pain accompanied by itching. Friction is the most common reason for the nipples to be sore. Friction can occur if the nipples rub against a shirt or poorly-fitting bra, during sports activities, such as running, surfing, or basketball. Friction on the nipple can often cause soreness and a stinging pain.
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What Causes Sharp Pains Under the Left Breast?

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Breast Cancer Topic: Sharp pain in Left Breast?

Pain under your right breast is quite a common symptom, which causes a lot of worries as we associate it with heart problems. However, pain in this area can have various sources as numerous internal organs are located under your right breast. As a result, the pain in this area may be connected with your heart, but it can also come from your kidney, lung, liver, muscles, or gallbladder. Have a look at the next section to find out what the most common causes of sharp pain under your right breast are. If after reading the article you are still not sure what causes your pain, contact a doctor. It may sound trivial but the gas which is trapped in your intestines can be the culprit of quite a strong pain under your right breast.
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14 Common Causes of Pain Under Right Breast

He has had experience with thousands of patients and done a considerable amount of work in epidemic prevention on the government level. Pain above your left breast may be a sign of a serious underlying health problem or a minor one. That is why if you experience pain above your left breast following exercise you should seek medical attention. Timely medical intervention can prevent potentially life threatening complications.
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Women may start experiencing breast pain at puberty, and it's also common during menstruation, pregnancy, and even menopause. That said, breast pain that is new, different, or persists, should always be evaluated by your doctor. Hormonal changes, weight gain, or benign anatomical changes within the breast may cause pain. Let's talk about the meaning of different types of breast pain and what home remedies may bring you relief. Before you can get relief for your breast pain it's important to try to figure out what may be causing your pain.
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